Introduction to Rowing

Introduction to Rowing

The goal of the Introduction to Rowing is to introduce rowing to a wide range of community members and offer them an opportunity to participate in the sport of rowing. This program is developed with a view of qualifying interested participants for the more in-depth Learn to Row program, when scheduled.


Next Introduction to Rowing date is Saturday 20th April 2024. Go to Events to Register. 


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What happens on the day

We allocate a full day to the Introduction to Rowing to allow as many participants as possible to partake and each registered participant gets allocated a single 2.5-hour time slot. We therefore ask that you make yourself available anytime during the day when registering for the Introduction to Rowing. In case you’re registering with someone you would like to be grouped with or have a time preference, please indicate so when registering and we will do our best to accommodate.

The 2.5-hour coaching session will be broken into three parts:

  1. We start with the technical session on the ergometer (erg), otherwise known as the rowing machine. This is a very important step in learning how to row as it allows participants to practice the rowing technique and sequence without the added complication of balancing on the water. You are encouraged to watch Indoor rowing essentials video from Rowing Australia prior to maximise your time with the coaches.
  2. Next session includes the introduction to boat handling and rowing terminology. You will be given the rundown of all the major parts of the boat, instructions on how to get in and out of the boat, how to sit and how to hold the oar.
  3. Finally, it’s time to practice what you’ve learnt on the water. The eight is a sweep style boat and at almost 20m long, is one of the most stable boats. There will be an experienced coxswain who will take care of the steering as well as a coach driving in a tinny alongside the eight assisting each participant.


Who can participate

As rowing is a demanding sport, both physically and mentally, it is necessary to place entry restrictions on participants. To qualify for the Introduction to Rowing, all participants must be reasonably fit and healthy and as this is a water sport all participants must also be able to swim (minimum of 50m unassisted) and tread water (in the unlikely event anyone falls in).

While there is no theorical maximum age, the minimum age for this Introduction to Rowing is 14 years old. As previously mentioned, the sport is physically and mentally challenging and requires maturity and common sense. We split juniors from adults as this is the most effective practice for all involved.





What happens next

On completion of the Introduction to Rowing, some participants may be invited by the Club to enrol in the more in-depth Learn to Row Program for adults or Junior Development Program for juniors. Since there are limitations on how many new adult and junior rowers the Club can accommodate each year, there are entry restrictions and qualification criteria to progress into next stage programs. More information on this will be provided after the completion of the Introduction to Rowing.



Photos or videos may be taken during the Introduction to Rowing course. By enrolling you give permission for them to be used by LRC for promotional purposes (e.g. on our website, social media, or other collateral marketing material).