History - The 50s

The 50s

In 1959, a crew made up of LRC and Mosman rowers won the King’s Cup in Perth, by quite a margin as the picture above shows! This was the last time the King’s Cup was raced over 3 miles.

Listen to the ABC call of the race here.



The video of the race

Left to right: Max Annett, Peter Waddington, Ted Curtain, Ken Railton, Victor Schweikert, Graeme ‘Mick’ Allen, John Hudson, Ralfe Currall, next to the coxswain is the emergency, Bruce Evans and on the far right is the manager Frank McLeod.



The crew training in Perth.
Bow – Ralfe Currall
2 – John Hudson
3 – Ken Railton, Mosman RC
4 – Victor Schweikert
5 – Graeme ‘Mick’ Allan, Mosman RC
6 – Max Annett
7 – Ted Curtain
Stroke – Peter Waddington
Coxswain – Lionel Robberds

Left to right: first is Max Annett, beside him is stroke Peter Waddington, then in the blazer is coach Phil Cayzer, then peeking from the rear is the seven man, Ted Curtain. To the left of Ted is the three man Ken Railton from Mosman, beside him and a bit to the front is Victor Schweikert, behind Victor is the five man Graeme ‘Mick,’Allan from Mosman.

The coxswain Lionel Robberds, holding the King’s Cup and with a stop watch on his left leg, then on the left of Lionel is bow, Ralfe Currall, then the two man John Hudson, on his left is the reserve Bruce Evans from Mosman RC, on Bruce’s left is the Manager, Frank Mcleod.

First one in a blazer on the left is the emergency Bruce Evans, behind Bruce is Ken Railton, on his left Ted Curtain, behind Ted is the stroke Peter Waddington, then just his head, the 6 man Max Annett, then in the blazer, the coach Phil Cayzer, holding the King’s Cup high is the coxswain Lionel Robberds, John Hudson is hidden behind Ralfe Currall, then Victor Schweikert, behind Victor is Graeme ‘Mick’ Allen. Front row is William Hatfield the winner of the sculls and beside him is the team manager Frank McLeod.

Phil Cayzer, Coach 1959

Phil Cayzer, Coach 1959