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Step 1/4: Let's get started
Step 1/4: Let's get started

We welcome inquiries to join the LRC rowing community! Outlined below are the various categories of membership at the Club and the associated fees. As fees are non-refundable, members are encouraged to understand the entitlements of each membership class outlined on this page, as well as the Constitution and Competition Policy that can be found in the member's section.

For more information on the steps to apply for a new membership, please see our procedure attached here.


Membership fee category

Annual subscription

Joining Fee (new members only)


Senior *** 

$950 + $200 Race Fees* 


$950 + $200 Race Fees* 

Full-Time Student 

$750 + $275 Junior Program + $200 Race Fees* 




$0 + $200 Race Fee Account ** 


$110 per month 

*An initial deposit of $200 is required for racing and will be topped up as fees are incurred (quarterly or as needed, with the balance carrying over to the next season). Competitor membership with RNSW is required. These will be managed by the Club on behalf of members. Further details can be found here

**Race Fee Accounts and RNSW Competitor membership ($119.00) are required for Life members who wish to compete. 

***Membership Category does not imply Black Boat usage, Coxswains fee discounted to $55.

All fees are payable on the 1st July or pro-rated if new members join part way through the financial year.

Membership Enquiries