Balcony Boyz

Balcony Boyz

The Balcony Boyz meet every Tuesday evening at the club house – on the balcony! Of course.

Constituted mostly from a group of mates at the club who rowed in the late 1960’s, 70’s and 1980’s, these Members who were youngsters in those days were reknown for gathering out on the old rickety timber balcony to enjoy each other’s company and scoff any available beer and food while re-living recent regattas, rugby games and social activities at the Club. The opportunity for such occasions often presented itself on LUOR* reunion days. As legend has it, it was at one of those LUOR functions that the then Club President Bob Stone was said to have risen to his feet to welcome the guest speaker by saying “would someone get those balcony boys in here for the speeches”. So the name proudly stuck.

As time moved along some of the guys married or moved further from the Club and were less frequent attendees only coming down on the reunion days. Others who lived closer and continued to row were known to frequent the Orange Grove pub or the Haberfield Rowing Club after training and regattas for the odd refreshment before heading home or to the beach on Sundays. In those days most training was done in the weekday evenings 6.00pm to 8.00pm and Sunday mornings.

When the new club building was built 2002 the remaining balcony boyz decided to not go to the pub at night after training but rather utilise and enjoy the features of our new club – particularly the fantastic views and evening serenity from the big balcony. We charge ourselves a fee of $10.00 per night to cover a few drinks, chips/nuts etc. and we buy our supplies in bulk to keep costs low and help generate profits to donate to the club. This tradition continues and we strongly support fund raising for LUOR which also provides much needed equipment for the Club.

Current regular balcony boyz are Steve Jaques, Dave Bodell, Ross Ullo, Tony Potter, Bern Story, Barry Moynahan and Andy McCallum. We welcome any members who wish to join us for for a chat and refreshments (wine and soft drink is available) after training on Tuesday evenings from about 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm .

Steve Jaques
(Life member)


*LUOR (Leichhardt Union of Old Rowers): Formerly known as the Leichhardt Union of Ex Rowers until May 2008 when it was clear that rowers might get old but they just never stop rowing or wishing they could. The LUOR is a supporter group of the Club which holds regular functions and events aimed at creating opportunities for rowers of all ages to get together socially for fun and fundraising.