Vale Brian Ward

Published Fri 02 Jul 2021

The Leichhardt OLD ROWERS have been advised of the death of former LRC Club member, Brian Ward, who died peacefully on 15th June aged in his early 90's.

Brian's active rowing career peaked in his Leichhardt Crew winning the NSW Champion Eight in 1950 and his subsequent election as Club Captain in 1951. He was one of two rowing brothers with his brother, David, Club Secretary in 1948, pre-deceasing him some years ago.

In those days, club celebrations following a regatta win, resulted in the construction of a make-shift bar, initiated by Brian, complimented by his purchase of a 2nd hand (illegal) poker machine and many raffles. Small change which fell beneath the clubhouse wooden floors, in those days was eagerly retrieved by the young coxswains. They were challenging times in the 1950's.

Both brothers, as Champion Rowers were very much involved in Club maintenance, administration and its social life.

Brian, after living for some time in Tasmania, moved to Kyneton Victoria, some 80kms out of Melbourne.

Brian attended his last reunion at the Leichhardt clubhouse in 2018, accompanied by family members. He continued to financially support those annual gatherings organised by the Balcony Boyz.

Brian certainly earnt the reputation as one of the past great club/men of Leichhardt Rowing.

Barry Moynahan OAM