Membership Fees 2021/2022

Published Sat 03 Jul 2021

The Committee has approved the following rates for membership for the new season. These rates were not reviewed last season due to COVID-19. A modest increase has been added to keep pace with rising costs.




Joining Fee – one off



Competitive Senior ***

$900 + $200 Race Fee Account*

$920 + $200 Race Fee Account*




Full Time Student







$0 + $200 Race Fee Account **

$0 + $200 Race Fee Account **


$100 per month

$100 per month

The main item to notice is the change to Recreational Membership Fees.

For the past 20 years committees have wrestled with the management of this category. Recreational members have regularly been called upon to fill in competitive crews to train and even race. They have used the facilities mid-week on and off the water. They have taken advantage of both our volunteer and paid coaching group. They have even been seen in Black boats. This makes it very unfair on our Competitive Senior group. We do not have someone at the shed 24/7 to supervise this and it is unfair to demand our Captains manage it. We are all volunteers and have busy lives.

This new pricing structure means all members can row during the week and be a part of any crew. As has always been the case, Recreational members cannot vote. For an individual to do so they would need to upgrade to Competitive Senior. To do this they would be required to pay the RNSW Annual Membership fee (currently $94.50) and open a Race Fee Account with the club (opening balance to be $200). Plus they would need to maintain this status for a minimum of a full 12 month season. Then the Committee will invite then to become a Voting Member at their Annual Review.

*Race Fee Accounts to be topped up quarterly, or as needed, with the balance carrying over to the next season. Competitor membership with RNSW ($115.50) is required.
**Race Fee Accounts and RNSW Competitor membership ($115.50) required for Life members who wish to compete.
***Membership Category does not imply Black Boat usage. This is delegated to assignment by the Captains.

President Steven Duff