Discount to 2021/2022 Membership Fees

Published Sat 31 Jul 2021

The COVID lockdowns are again impacting the ability to enjoy our sport, as well as taking their toll in different ways across our membership. Regrettably, we look like losing at least two months of our season. Fortunately, your club finances are strong, and the Committee feels it’s only fair we absorb some of the burdens. A one-off discount on the 2021/2022 membership fees has been agreed as follows:

  • Senior Competitor $150 discount to $770
  • Recreational $150 discount to $770
  • Full-time Student $120 discount to $595

A discount code or new invoices will be issued for membership invoices that are still outstanding. Our normal practice of not allowing prorated invoicing for members seeking to renew later in the season will continue as usual.

Thank you to more than half of our members that have already paid. As you may appreciate, it is not an easy task processing refunds, so in the first instance, paid Senior Competitor members will receive their $150 as credit to their Race Fee Account. If a member does not have an active Race Fee Account (including Recreational or Full-Time Students) or would prefer cash, then please send your request with bank details to

Finally, we appreciate the lockdowns are causing hardship. We are a community club, and our strength is through keeping our membership together. If you are having financial difficulties with renewing, please do not hesitate to reach out (in confidence) for options such as a payment plan.

Treasurer Rob Gilmour